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Top 10 Resorts In North Goa For Your Comfortable Stay

North Goa is the place where you find all the adventure and jamboree. Whether it is water sports, parties, nightlife, or shopping, it all happens here. And that’s why you need to find the best places to stay here before flying off to this ecstatic destination.

Since it is prominently known for tourism, finding a resorts in North Goa is indeed a cakewalk. However, before you do the booking, it is very important to spend some time browsing some options. This will tell you about the services that you can go for and the price you need to pay for them.

10 Recommended resorts for your stay in North Goa:

1. White Flower Cottages

Beginning with a resort property embodies luxury life and provides top-of-the-line amenities distinctly. White Flower Cottages is the best resort in Vagator Beach North Goa, you find rooms in every facility you can think of. Your stay is further refined by a vivacious pool, swish liquor, elegant interior and palatable multi-cuisine food. They don’t just satisfy their customers, they bring finesse to their services in every possible manner. In their suites, you can experience lavish life at its best.

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2. Marquis Beach Resort

Marquis is known for giving you a picturesque setting that becomes perfect for not just a stay but also for many occasions. This resort could grab your attention if you’re looking for a property to do a destination wedding or any other sort of party. Its beauty could be truly admired at night and the days remain equally soothing to your eyes. The services remain exceptional and give you an unmatched experience on every front.

3. Santana Beach Resort

Santana bemuses its guests with a verdant setup. Besides that, it’s a sprawling property that gives you quite a space to do whatever you want. It could become a perfect lodging when you want to spend a mirthful vacation with your family. You can enjoy a lively pool time with your friends and relish some scrumptious dishes in their restaurant. The rooms are equipped with all the facilities, they’re spacious and cosy.

4. Whispering Palm Resort

Here’s another property that offers a huge pool, amazing hospitality, and scrumptious food. It also gives you a broad area where many parties and events can be planned. The place is perfect for people who want to spend a lively time on their tour of North Goa. It gives a great ambience for dine-ins and makes the services absolutely immaculate. It certainly becomes one of the potential options for goa lovers.

5. Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort

Estrela has won the hearts of numerous tourists with its quaint and stunning environment. Its Best Cottages in North Goa and Its beautiful cottage-themed room add a touch of splendour to the surroundings. Besides the beautiful ambience, you also get essential services like a swimming pool, amazing services, and delicious food. The whole architecture of the resort makes it a great option for people who want to make a fancy travelogue.

6. Baga Beach Resort

Another one of the best resorts in North Goa that offers stunning ambience clubbed with superior services. It also adds lush green spots to its property that keep the area cool and breezy. It has been created to give a rejuvenating feel to the guests, also provides a sublime view of various spaces and gives you so many points to click on sprightly pictures. The amazing ambience is further boosted by unparalleled services, scrumptious food, and swanky drinks.

7. Resort Sur La Mer

With a palatial structure, classy services, and a broad pool, Sur La Mer becomes a great option for people who want to make the most of their stay in Goa. The palm trees add more grandeur to the beautiful setup of this place. It gives a touch of splendour and becomes a great spot for parties too. The fancy rooms are furnished with every plush facility that you expect.

8. W Goa

This swanky resort makes your stay totally fancy and lets you experience high-brow hospitality. One look at the property and you become infatuated with its ritzy appeal. It is one of those properties that encourage you to indulge in luxuriant living. It sets up the extravagant aura and helps you regale in sheer grandiose. You can already estimate that the services are truly exceptional and they make your vacation truly unforgettable.

9. Goa Marriott Resort & Spa

Marriott needs no introduction, it is one of the most renowned resort and hotel chains in many countries. It remains a choice of the elite with rooms that offer distinctive views along with services that exceed your expectations. At this resort, you will experience the white-glove service at its best. It will make your stay absolutely unforgettable on every front. The spacious beach-side resort is built to exhilarate the overall experience of your stay in Goa

10. Resort Rio

This five-star resort property gives you all the amenities that make your stay comfortable, classy, and memorable. You can go for a room, suite, or spacious villa with a private pool depending on your choice. It is a sprawling property that spans an area of 10 acres and offers a breathtaking view of the area. It can give you a perfect experience of luxurious living. The services have been crafted to give you a glimpse of a glitzy lifestyle.

So if you’re planning a trip to North Goa soon, be ready to live the luxury with the best Resorts in North Goa. All the resorts on this list enable numerous customers to experience exceptional services. They don’t just provide you a cosy stay, but they totally give you an enthralling feel. From offering rooms with spectacular views to stately pools, palatable food, and refined booze, they offer everything that’s essential on your North Goa tour.

And if you want to ensure a happening stay, pick the best resort from this list. With one of these options, you are able to make your vacation absolutely unforgettable. So don’t just sit and wait, start planning your trip today and do the enquiries.

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