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The Most Famous Restaurants in North Goa

Ask a Goan for a list of Goa’s best restaurants, and you’ll get several options, ranging from small street stalls to fine dining spots. For food lovers, Goa is a place that satisfies the taste buds of individuals.

When it comes to North Goa, it is particularly famous for its captivating beaches, enchanting nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. It is not only a paradise for beach lovers but also a haven for food lovers. The culinary scene in North Goa boasts a wide range of restaurants that offer a unique dining experience.

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In recent years, Goa’s rise as a culinary hotspot has resulted in an explosion of new restaurants that offer vegetarian options, local dishes, international cuisines, and the region’s seafood.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top restaurants in North Goa, showcasing the diverse flavours that make this region a culinary delight.

Without further ado, let’s get into the blog!

List of Famous Restaurants in North Goa

Let’s get into some of the best restaurants in North Goa that have gained popularity in recent times!


"Velvet" best Restaurant in North Goa

For those looking for the best fine dining restaurants near Vagator Beach, North Goa, to combine a sophisticated dining experience with a lively nightlife scene, Velvet is a top choice. Known for its chic interiors, craft cocktails, and eclectic menu, this restaurant seamlessly transitions, allowing its guests to enjoy cuisines ranging from Asian, Indian, Italian, and Middle Eastern. It is known as the best bar and restaurant near Vagator Beach in Goa, and it sets the stage for a memorable evening. Whether you’re enjoying a fine dining experience or dancing the night away.

  • Average Cost: ₹ 1700 (Price for two)
  • Cuisines: Chinese, Sea Food, North Indian, Italian, Continental, Goan
  • Location: 319/1, Coutinho Vaddo, Vagator, Goa, 403509

Anjoned Hostel & Cafe


Anjoned Cafe, situated in the vibrant Anjuna area, is one of the best restaurants near Anjuna Beach for those seeking a laid-back atmosphere and a menu that reflects the cultural diversity of Goa. It is renowned for its hearty breakfast options, refreshing beverages, and live music events that add to the lively ambience. It boasts a bohemian charm with colourful decor and comfortable seating, making it an ideal spot to relax after a day of exploring the nearby beaches and markets.

  • Average Cost: ₹ 1500 (Price for two)
  • Cuisines: fast food, continental, Chinese, desserts, beverages
  • Location: 940, Market Rd., Pequeno Peddem, Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa 403509.



Gunpowder, nestled in the charming lanes of Assagao, is one of the top restaurants in North Goa that is renowned for its eclectic menu and vibrant ambience. This restaurant offers a delightful fusion of South Indian, Goan, and Portuguese flavours, which creates a unique dining experience for its guests. With its rustic charm, open-air seating, and flavoursome dishes, Gunpowder has become a must-visit restaurant for food enthusiasts exploring the gastronomic delights of North Goa.

  • Average Cost: ₹ 1600 (Price for two)
  • Cuisines: Chinese, South Indian, Mughlai, Sea Food, Indian, Goan, Pan Asian, Asian
  • Location: 6, Anjuna Mapusa Rd., Saunto Vaddo, Asgaon, Goa 403507.

Souza Lobo

Souza Lobo

Located on the famous Calangute Beach in North Goa, Souza Lobo is renowned for its delightful blend of Goan and seafood cuisines. It is one of the best restaurants in North Goa with sea view that offers a charming beachfront dining experience with panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. Known for its fresh seafood dishes like Goan Fish Curry and Prawn Balchão, Souza Lobo attracts both locals and tourists seeking authentic flavours in a relaxed setting. Its rich history, warm hospitality, and stunning sea views make it a must-visit restaurant in Goa.

  • Average Cost: ₹ 1900 (Price for two)
  • Cuisines: Chinese, Multicuisine, Sea Food, North Indian, Italian, Indian, Continental, Organic, Healthy Food, Goan
  • Location: Beach, Calangute, Goa 403516



Titlie is a hidden gem in North Goa, offering a tranquil dining experience by the sea. This cosy restaurant is famous for its fusion of Indian and international cuisines, prepared with fresh local ingredients. Whether enjoying a leisurely brunch or a romantic sunset dinner with your beloved, guests get breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and golden sands. This is one of the top restaurants in North Goa with a view that offers a laid-back ambience, personalized service, and innovative menu for travellers seeking a memorable dining experience in a serene coastal setting.

  • Average Cost: ₹2100 (Price for two)
  • Cuisines: Sea Food, North Indian, Italian, Indian, Continental, Modern Indian
  • Location: House, 592/5, Ozran Beach Rd, Anjuna, Goa – 403509

Final Words

North Goa’s culinary scene is as diverse as the region itself, offering a delightful fusion of flavours and atmospheres.

Whether you’re seeking a romantic beachfront dinner, a lively cafe with live music, or a sophisticated cocktail bar, these renowned restaurants in North Goa with a view cater to a variety of tastes. Each of the restaurants offers a unique dining experience to its guests in this coastal paradise, making every meal a memorable affair.

So, get on this gastronomic journey in North Goa and savour the culinary treasures that await you!

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