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Best Time to Visit North Goa: The Ultimate Guide

Spending vacations in Goa is the dream of everyone majorly the youth population. However, there is a famous saying that Goa’s plans don’t get executed easily. If you have made up your mind that this year you will mark a tick on your bucket list to visit Goa, you must be looking for the best time to visit North Goa.

Goa is having a tropical climate which means summer would be hot, monsoon would be strong and winter would be mild & pleasant. Due to this, the winter months from October to February will be the peak tourist season in Goa and it is considered the best time to visit Goa. However, in these months, Goa will be full-packed with tourists and you can feel Goa as an over-crowded place.

You can visit Goa in summer or monsoon also as these seasons offer you the opportunity to experience the different shades of this beautiful state. So let us start our discussion to explore why Goa can be visited in any month of the year.

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Mid-October to February (Winter Months)

Since the weather is delightfully cool and comfortable, these are the finest months to visit the capital of parties. Although other travelers are making the most of their three months in Goa, it’s the ideal time to unwind on the beaches.

One of Goa’s most well-known festivals, Sunburn, as well as extensive Christmas and New Year celebrations take place in December, drawing thousands of tourists from all over the world to the state. Since this is the busiest time of year and hotel rates are higher than you might expect, you might wish to reserve your place to stay in North Goa in advance.

March to June (Summer Months)

This is the time of year when the temperature rises, the water gets rougher, and it is hot and muggy outside. As there aren’t many activities to partake in between March and May, not many people travel to Goa at this time. However, if you choose this season you can grab the opportunity to enjoy some of the unique festivals such as Shigmotsav which is contemporary to Holi and is one of the most important cultural festivals of Goa.

If you want to enjoy a budget-friendly trip to Goa, this would be the perfect time as everything starting from flight tickets, accommodation, and local food will be available at cheap rates. You can save a lot of money while visiting Goa in the off-season.

July to Mid-October (Monsoon Months)

It is the time when lovely Goa gets hit by the rains. Goa is celebrating the arrival of the rain with events all over the state. July to Mid-October is a great time to visit Goa if you enjoy the monsoon and the lush green landscapes.

The festival of Sao-Joao (the fertility feast of Saint John the Baptist), which is held in late June or early July, is another reason to travel to Goa during the rainy season. Men plunge into overflowing wells to retrieve bottles of the local feni liquor, which is a fascinating event. You could find a nice bargain at the hotels during this season. However, if you want to enjoy thrilling water sports, you should avoid this season as water sports activities get a halt during monsoon season.

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Where to Stay in North Goa?

After knowing about the best time to visit North Goa, another question must be popping up in your mind which is where to stay in North Goa. Areas near Vagator and Anjuna boast plenty of resorts and hotels that are perfect for solo travelers, families, and couples.

The icing on the cake will be that if you choose a theme-based resort in North Goa. White Flower Cottages is a resort in North Goa that is based on the rare species of white flowers where you can feel the real essence of this beautiful state. They are known for offering the best hospitality services, the finest accommodation, and the great dining experience with an in-built cafe cum bar that serves their guests round-the-clock.

Final Words

You must now be clear that the best time to visit North Goa might vary from person to person and that you can experience Goa’s true spirit throughout the year. The month you choose is entirely up to you because Goa has something special to offer visitors every single month.

Plan the ultimate Goan holiday to this gorgeous place and unwind on the beaches, celebrate all night, and see the ancient forts and cathedrals of this unique state. While on vacation in Goa, you might experience the most exotic memories that you will undoubtedly cherish for the rest of your life.

We suggest you book your stay in one of the finest resorts in North Goa such as White Flower Cottages as accommodation can either make or break your trip.

So, pack your bags and head to experience the unbelievable and unforgettable party capital of India.

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