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Top 5 Most Famous Festivals in Goa – Holiday Guide

Goa is a state of vibrant beaches that is popular for water sports, casinos, mixed culture, abundant beaches, and many more. This small state of India has many things to offer which can add charm to everyone’s trip. Rather than this Goa is also famous for its mixed culture and festivals. Here tourists can be a part of various festivals according to the months and date. From private and silent vacations to enchanting Goa offers everything.

Are you a party animal? Then there is no better place to visit than this. Here you can enjoy the trance and rave parties too. If you are planning to spend vacations in Goa then never forget to be a part of the popular famous festivals of Goa. Plan your trip in such a way that clashes with the dates of festivals in Goa. so that you can be able to be a part of famous festivals in Goa. here in this blog, we will; explore some of the most alluring festivals of Goa. By this, you can plan your tour accordingly and make your trip memorable with your loved ones.

Top 5 famous festivals of Goa:

Goa Carnival

This is one of the most famous festivals of Goa which is held in February or March. It depends on the date of Easter, this festival is only celebrated in Goa. prior 40 days of this festival in Goa stop eating the meat. This is mostly celebrated by the christen community. The reason behind the celebration of this festival is the Resurrection of Jesus three days after his death. So if you are planning to visit Goa and want to add charm to your tour then try to include the easter month and carnival dates in your trip. Enjoy the colors and lights in this famous festival of Goa.

Shigmo Festival

If you want to see the real cultural beauty of Goa then don’t forget to be a part of Shigmo. Yea, it is a festival of joy and vibrant colors. The reason behind the celebration of this cultural festival in Goa is that the people of Goa welcome the spring season. The localities of Goa prepare flok dance music play with colors and eat the curry made with meat or chicken which is known as Shagoti. To learn and enjoy this cultural festival of Goa try to plan your trip between March to April. Visitors can book their stay in any resort in Goa and also get more information regarding this festival.

Goa Sunburn

One of the biggest and most popular festivals in Asia was first held in 2007 in Goa near Candolim beach. After this, it is held every year from 28th to 30th. December near the beach in Goa. this year it is going to be organized near the Vagator beach. Sunburn is a famous festival in Goa and Asia and is best for party animals. In this people can enjoy EDM which stands for electronic dance and music. Here you will find the loud music dance, drinks, and lots of party freaks. If you like trance and rave parties then this is the perfect one you can enjoy this festival in Goa and rejuvenate your soul.

Goa Food & Cultural Festival

This is one the most famous and alluring cultural festivals of Goa. this festival is organized by the tourism of Goa once a year. In this cultural festival, guests can find scores of shacks and food on stalls. which they can taste the local delicious of Goa. along with the different types of food, you can be able to enjoy local music, dance, and other cultural activities. Here you can also take part in a cooking competition if you love to cook then don’t forget to partake.

Christmas & New Year’s Eve

The most famous festival in Goa where you can enjoy the fascinating Christmas and New Year evening. All over the world, different communities will celebrate these two festivals. From December to January guests can able to feel the thrilling experience. The roads and other places are decorated with Christmas trees you can find many people. while they are spreading the blessings and gifts in the Santa look. The best thing about this famous festival of Goa is that everyone is deep into the party mood and enjoys their company. In these months you can be able to taste many foods and become part of rave parties, and Goa offers many more. To enjoy this exciting festival of Goa you can book your stay at any beachfront resort in Goa. White Flower Cottages is one of the best resort in North Goa near the beach.

Why Choose White Flower Cottages In Goa?

So it’s time to book your tickets according to the famous festivals of Goa you want to enjoy. When it comes to the place to stay in Goa there are scores of options. White Flower Cottages are one of the best resorts in Goa from where you can easily join the different events and festivals of Goa. On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, this resort in Goa also organizes the mind mind-blowing parties and you can feel the real thrill. So if you are planning to be a part of festivals in Goa. then try to book your stay at these private pool cottages in North Goa. that are perfect for your family vacation.

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