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Which Part of Goa is Good to Visit: North Goa or South Goa

Do you know what makes Goa so special? Goa has astonishing beaches, majestic carnival, festive vibes in December month, exciting water sports, delicious foods, low-cost liquors, soothing Portuguese colonies, sighting dolphins, enthralling waterfalls, casinos, monuments, churches, forts, shopping, and whatnot.

You must be wondering about Goa but have you ever given it a thought to which part of Goa is good to visit: North Goa or South Goa? Let’s compare the two.

Both North and South Goa are excellent places to stay or visit, yet each has its own distinct flavor to offer travelers.
Despite being in the same location, North and South Goa are very different. Here’s a comparison of North and South Goa to help you plan your trip. I hope this helps you make an informed decision.

Which place has the maximum crowd?

Comparing both North Goa and South Goa, Northside beaches such as Baga and Calangute are livelier than South Goa beaches such as Agonda and Palolem.

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North Goa is ideal if you enjoy large gatherings and a friendly vibe all the time. South Goa, on the other hand, is the place to be if you prefer being alone or a calm walk on the beach or through the town.

Which place is visited by more people for sightseeing?

Apart from its beaches, Goa offers much more. The Basilica De Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral are two remarkable monuments in Old Goa.

North Goa has a significant advantage over the south when it comes to sightseeing because the majority of other tourist attractions, such as Dona Paula and Fort Aguada, are also there.

Where’s the better nightlife?

When it comes to parties and festivals, North Goa is unrivaled. North Goa has a plethora of nightclubs renowned for their parties, ranging from Curlies in Anjuna to Club Cabana and Tito’s near Baga and Katzensuppe near Vagator.

Where is the best food?

In spite of the fact that Goa is home to some fantastic eateries, the north of the state has more choices than the south. Britto’s in Baga, Curly’s in Anjuna, Baba Au Rhum in Vagator, and so on.

Where is the best place to stay?

North Goa and South Goa, both have a variety of resorts ranging from inexpensive to luxurious. The resort options in north Goa range from low-cost hostels in Anjuna to the five-star Grand Hyatt in Bambolim. While there are possibilities in south Goa, they are not as diverse as those in north Goa. South Goa, as opposed to north Goa, has some excellent options if you’re seeking luxury hotels. South Goa draws fewer tourists as a result of these prices, making it ideal for a quieter and more lavish stay.

How to choose between North Goa VS South Goa?

Most people go for outings with friends or family after all we are Indians. So hanging out with friends or family is more fun only when more people are enjoying it. That’s why I think North Goa will be more suitable for you.
But I will not impose my will on you. You see for yourself which is better between North Goa VS South Goa. Consider all the aspects and compare them.

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If you enjoy being among a lot of people and a friendly atmosphere all the time, North Goa is suitable for you.
Meanwhile, South Goa is the spot for you if you enjoy some alone or a peaceful stroll along the beach or around the city. From this, you must decide where you are going and with whom.

Where should you go?

Till now my job was to show you the right path. But you have to walk on it. To see the final choice should be yours only. But from what I have come to know so far, I would like to suggest that you go to North Goa only. Because see, we are not going to live there but for the purpose of visiting for a few days and we want to have fun, then Goa is the best.

Where should you stay?

If you want to cross-check anything, then absolutely do it. You will find that North Goa is the best. Now you must be wondering where to stay in North Goa. In North Goa, you should stay where the center point is and everything will be close to you.

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