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Why Visit Goa? Best Reason to Visit Goa Every Year

When one is planning their trip, the first thing that hits their mind is Goa. Yes, it is one of the most preferred places in India to visit. Also, there are certain reasons why everyone wishes to travel to Goa. Some of them are alluring forts, wonderful beaches, charming festivals, and picturesque and delicious food.

Very often, people wonder what places to visit in  Goa, why Goa is having a huge boom in the tourism sector, and what activities one can do in Goa. We also think that at what time we should visit Goa? Let me tell you, Goa is a very beautiful place in India which can be visited at any time during the year. There prevails a number of places to visit in Goa along with the humongous variety of food.

There are a lot of activities that make Goa one of the best places to visit such as the water sports that one can enjoy on the beaches along with a romantic or family trip. There are numerous beaches and a lot of them are famous for certain activities that one can do there.

There are some famous resorts and comfortable accommodations which allow the tourist to help them explore Goa, including its flora and fauna, plantations, and parties.

Here are listed the major reasons, why on should visit Goa:

  • Portuguese Design: The architecture of Goa is much different from other places in India. It is all due to the influence of the Portuguese in the area as compared to the British and French influence in the rest of the sub-continent. There prevails a number of places that have an essence of Portuguese like that of St. Cathedral which is the seat of the Archbishop of Goa, the Church of St. Francis, and many other such places. Also, the houses in the capital region are built with the design of Portuguese. The architecture brings a huge change in the culture of the region.
  • Water Sports: There prevails a number of places in the world having beaches but none of them offers water sports like that of Goa. One can enjoy water sports in Goa. These sports make visiting beaches quite interesting. The weather in the beach area and the awesome sports activities make it quite more interesting.Travelers enjoy a number of activities like wave surfing, fishing tours, kitesurfing, etc. Also, a number of film shootings take place in the beach area.
  • Scuba Diving: It is also one of the major reasons an individual prefers to visit Goa every year. Here, they get a chance to dive into the water and experience underwater life. Mostly conducted around the shallow coastal regions, scuba diving is one of the best and ideal ways to witness the mesmeric beauty of Goa’s marine life.
  • Parties & Cocktail at Curlies, Anjuna Beach: It’s next to impossible to visit Goa without savoring a wide range of exotic dishes and drinks. So, do come to a place and visit the curlies at Anjuna Beach and let yourself loose with the exotic menu of this beach restaurant.
  • Enjoying the sunset at Bogmalo Beach: Along with facing the Arabian Sea and amidst the beautiful picturesque settings, this beautiful beach offers a salubrious ambiance to witness the sunset. One gets the chance to watch the sun going down and creating a sort of medical spell on you enjoying the calmness around the sea.
  • Eat at Thalassa: Just behold the mesmeric beauty of the Indian Ocean, and feel the swaying sea breeze along with sipping the different blends of Greek wines. Thalassa which means the sea is among the indigenous restaurants where one can find the most authentic Greek cuisines and the charm of a rustic world that caters to a serene and tranquil evening.
  • Enjoy your Day with the Jumbo: Are you among those having affection towards the elephants or you have a desire to spend your day playing and enjoying with these gigantic mammals. If yes, then Goa is the best place for you to visit. Travel to Goa and enjoy the elephant tours, enjoy the merriment day with these pleasant giants. Also, you will get a chance to enjoy the splashing bath with them.
  • Trekking: There are a number of trekking spots in Goa that will give you a chance to explore the flora and fauna of forest life.

There are some very nice scenic beauties that can’t be missed out for anything in the world. Also, there are a number of majestic waterfalls like the Dudhsagar waterfall which is at a height of 310 meters. It is surrounded by forest which makes it more alluring.

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