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Top 7 Fun Things To Do In North Goa 2022

Goa always has been the epitome of attraction for the tourist, be it domestic or international. Though the state has its own unique landscape and history but now has been a major spot of youth attraction. Anyone paying a visit to Goa can make a note of certain things and activities that can be done across the place to make their visit extremely worthwhile.

Plan a Trek

Trekking is always a great fun especially when you are in Goa. Explore the unexplored and amazing treks of north goa and enhance your experience to enjoy the most.  There are ample amount of treks to plan for in Goa. One can have the real essence of beauty of the nature which is always a worthwhile experience. To know about the options one can have while going for a trek in Goa, use the below list for reference.

1) Dudhsagar falls trek

2) Trek to todo waterfalls

3) Udaan Dongor Trek

4) Kishanpur Canyan Trek

5) Kuskem Waterfall Trek

Thrill of an Adventure Park

We always strive for more and more thrill stuff to do instead of the normal boring things. Going to a national park can be considered an extremely fun and thrill-thing activity .To have this kind of fun, one should visit the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park. Located in the North region of Goa, its attributed amongst the most nicest places to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

One can spot the different and wide variety of flora and fauna. Animal lovers will get some of their most enjoyable moments exploring down the place as its quite an enriching experience. Talking about the various other things  to do in Goa in the coming section below.

Getting a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is one of the few exciting things that many people crave for especially in the young generation. Coming to Goa may be only for exploration and then finding out the art and creative sections of the place may intrigue many people.

One can spot really good and talented tattoo artists across the place. There have been an impressive surge in the number of people that are getting inked across their body in the last many years. The young generation is forefrontly coming to get the tattoo done. If you are also planning to come Goa in near future then you can seek a great chance by visiting the tattoo artists in the state and get some creative designs inked.

Adventure Sports

The real fun is always when you take up something adventurous and out of the box. Many people are always abiding to their comfort zone and never giving their hand on something that’s worth going for. Adventurous and thrilling activities are always very intriguing.

Goa also caters to different kinds of adventure sports which one can try their hands on and get some fun. Talking about the various adventure sports, one can go through the list and select accordingly.

1) Grand Island Goa Scuba Diving

2) Anjuna Paragliding North Goa

3) Bunjee jumping

4) Snorkelling with a Grand island trip

5) Scuba Diving

Cruise Ride

Cruise ride can be of extreme fun, as its most relaxing and peaceful time with your friends and family. One can have the essence of oceanic aura and meanwhile enjoy their time with friends and family. Since the times have changed people now prefer to take a counter side of the busy and dusty life of the big cities and try to explore the essence of beautiful scenic views. One can plan for a cruise ride while coming to Goa. The cruise ride is definitely one of its kind of experience as its quite different from the busyness of beaches.

Cultural Essence of Goa

Every country or be it any state or any city has its own unique culture and ethnicity. That is where the real essence of the place is found. It reflects the history as well as its own set of values. If one’s keen to know about the origin and deep rooted culture of Goa and its people then they should definitely experience the cultural essence of Goa. There are many hidden facts and things that one can get to know in meantime. Unlike the glitz and glamour of the state, the place definitely has an essence of the underlying traditions and morals that are meant to be preserved and passed on to the next generation.

Visiting the Fort Aguada

As discussed above, the traditions and culture of a place is always meant to be preserved. One can spot the essence of historical architecture by visiting the fort Aguada. The Aguada Fort is believed to be one of the most important structure in the state of Goa as it has its own glory attached to it. People coming to Goa can definitely pay a visit to the Fort Aguada and enjoy the essence of the culture and traditional monuments of the place.

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