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Ideal Destinations For Couples To Visit In Goa

A pleasant vibe, beautiful waters, a relaxed mood, and an intimate space together make it a perfect location for embracing love. People are right: Goa is absolutely a beach haven. And not just the beaches; Goa has many other places that make it romantic.

Not just immense and long beaches, there are several historical monuments and nightclubs to make your day. Travelling as a couple can strengthen your bond with your other half. From planning to unexpected challenges during the journey, it builds teamwork between the two of you.

Take a break from the day-to-day anxiety, experience new things together, and get to know each other. Couples make fresh memories that last for a long time. There are numerous places to visit for couples to go on a Goa honeymoon, from visiting romantic sites to trying daring activities.

Best Romantic Places In Goa

Let’s look at some of these places near Vagator Beach North Goa that every couple wishes to visit.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

You will see greenery everywhere on the way to Dudhsagar Falls. You have to get a jeep to go up there, in which a group of people reaches the top by sitting. Going ahead, you will find small rivers where there are not many animals, but monkeys can be found.

While moving, there comes a point through which no vehicle can pass. Couples will climb the rocks holding each other’s hands while walking. Slowly drowning in each other’s love, the couples will see their atmosphere change and will soon reach Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

Grand Island

Consider taking a leisurely stroll across town because the kids aren’t there to run with you. Enjoy a comfortable and sophisticated eating experience while enjoying exceptional service.

There is exciting live music and the buzz of the city as you dance the night away while looking into each other’s eyes. Let us indulge in the finer things in life.

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Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort has become a well-known landmark in Goa since it was featured in the film Dil Chahta Hai. Couples sitting on the wall’s fence, like you and your bae, will gaze out to sea.

You, too, may enjoy the ambience while gazing out at the ocean with your sweetheart. It is located on one of North Goa’s best beaches near Vagator Beach.

Aguada Fort

Fort Aguada, built in 1612, is a magnificent fort located on Goa’s Sinquerim beach. The fort was erected by the then-Portuguese rulers to offer fresh water to ships travelling across the Arabian Sea. Aguada is a Portuguese term that means “place of water.”

As soon as you approach the fort complex, you will be reminded of sequences from several Bollywood films that were filmed here.

A chilly, windy day with roaring ocean waves, a sea breeze blowing through your hair, and your eyes fixed on the rising sun in the Arabian Sea. Forte Aguada is a visual delight.


Antares Beach Resort in North Goa on the beautiful Little Vagator Beach, which is the best places to visit for couples on India’s west coast.

Antares, perched on a cliff surrounded by lush forests of swaying coconut trees, provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and its neighbouring beaches.

Living with us is an exceptionally fascinating experience because of the easily utopian atmosphere that we can create. Party Huts, Ocean Delights, Ocean Comfort, Oceanfront, and Antares Suites will be the primary attractions of Antares.

Stay in one of their suites and wake up to one of the greatest sunset views in Goa, making this restaurant one of the best romantic spots near Vagator beach.

Final Words

I have told you about these famous places, which will prove to be the most romantic for you. But apart from this, there are many places in Goa, especially in North Goa, that are very romantic. If seen, the whole of Goa is very romantic.

All the romantic places you are looking for are in Vagator. Now that you’re visiting these places, stay at a romantic resort that’s close to the places on your wishlist. If you’re not sure which resort to choose from the nearby options, I’d recommend going with the best one. White Flower Cottages is a theme-based resort that will provide you with a relaxing vacation at fairly affordable rates. This resort is also the Best places to visit for couples near Vagator Beach North Goa for vacation planning.

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