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Popular Waterfalls in Goa to Visit in 2024

Whenever we talk about Goa, the first thing that comes in our mind is its beautiful beaches, nightlife, and local food. However, very few know that this smallest state of India is equally rich in its natural heritage. One of the natural beauties of this state lies in the waterfalls of Goa. Located in lush greenery and pristine landscapes, India’s coastal gem, Goa, has some of nature’s most captivating waterfalls.

As you plan your adventures for 2024, here are seven popular waterfalls in Goa deserving of a spot on your itinerary.

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Must Visit Waterfall to Visit in Goa in 2024

1. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Arguably the most famous waterfall in Goa, Dudhsagar Waterfalls cascades dramatically from a height of over 300 meters. It creates a mesmerizing sight amidst the dense forests of the Western Ghats.

The milky white waters gushing down the rocky cliffs resemble a ‘sea of milk,’ lending the waterfall its name. Accessible by a scenic trek or jeep safari, Dudhsagar is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

2. Arvalem Waterfalls

Arvalem Waterfalls

Located near the small village of Sanquelim, Arvalem Waterfalls is another picturesque gem tucked in the hinterlands of Goa. The waterfall plunges from a height of about 50 meters into a serene pool below, offering visitors a refreshing respite from the tropical heat.

Surrounding lush greenery and a nearby park add to the charm of this tranquil spot. Moreover, it makes it ideal for picnics and leisurely outings.

3. Tambdi Surla Waterfalls

Tambdi Surla Waterfalls

Hidden amidst the dense forests of the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Tambdi Surla Waterfalls is a lesser-known gem waiting to be discovered. Accessible via a moderate trek through the pristine wilderness, this secluded waterfall rewards intrepid adventurers. Furthermore, visitors can be mesmerized by its breathtaking beauty and untouched surroundings.

The tranquil ambiance and verdant surroundings make it an ideal spot for nature lovers seeking solitude and serenity.

4. Kesarval Waterfalls

Kesarval Waterfalls

Situated near the village of Verna, Kesarval Waterfalls cascades gracefully down a rocky slope. It creates a picturesque scene against the backdrop of lush green hills.

Easily accessible by road, this scenic waterfall is a popular destination for locals and tourists. Moreover, it offer a serene ambiance and ample opportunities for photography and relaxation.

5. Charavane Waterfalls

Charavane Waterfalls

Tucked away in the quaint village of Sattari, Charavane Waterfalls is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored. This place is accessible via a scenic trek through verdant forests and meandering streams. This off-the-beaten-path waterfall offers a serene retreat away from the crowds.

Visitors can bask in the natural beauty of the surroundings, and take a refreshing dip in the cool waters. Also, you can simply unwind amidst the tranquility of nature.

6. Hivre Waterfalls

Hivre Waterfalls

Hivre Waterfalls is a charming cascade that offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Surrounded by lush greenery and rocky terrain, this secluded waterfall exudes a sense of serenity and tranquility. It makes it an ideal spot for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

7. Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Located near the village of Pali in South Goa, Bamanbudo Waterfalls is a hidden gem known for its natural beauty and pristine surroundings. Accessible via a short trek through verdant countryside, this secluded waterfall offers a tranquil oasis away from the tourist crowds.

Visitors can relax by the cascading waters, take a dip in the natural pool, or simply soak in the serene ambiance of this hidden paradise.

Goa’s waterfalls offer a refreshing escape into the heart of nature. Here, lush greenery, cascading waters, and tranquil surroundings await. Whether you’re seeking adventure, solitude, or simply a break from the ordinary, these seven popular waterfalls in Goa are sure to captivate your senses with the unbelievable. It will leave you with unforgettable memories in 2024 and beyond.

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