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Why White Flower Cottages is the Best Choice to Spend Holidays in Goa

Goa can be described as the vacation capital of India as millions of people plan to visit this smallest Indian state however, only a few of them succeed. If you are among those lucky ones whose plan is on Goa, this blog is exactly for you.

When you are visiting Goa either with your family or with your partner or with friends, one of the major concerns is to select a place to stay in Goa. There are enough options to stay in Goa however, selecting the best one can be as complex as finding a needle from a haystack.

So through this blog, we are going to recommend to you the best resort in Goa which can be the best place to enjoy holidays. Are you excited to know its name? Yes, you are thinking right, it is none other than White Flower Cottages Resort.

So let us discuss some of the reasons why this place is regarded as the best in North Goa for your stay.

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Easy Accessibility

You will be reaching Goa either by train or bus or by flight. If you will be provided with two locations, one is easily accessible and is located in one of the prime locations of Goa, however second is located in the outskirts. So which one you will choose?

You will choose the first one due to its prime location. The same is the thing with White Flower Cottages. This resort is located at Vagator beach which is also known as the “Heart of Goa”. This place is regarded as one of the best places to stay in North Goa due to its prime location as the famous Vagator beach, Anjuna beach, Anjuna Flea Market, Chapora Fort, etc are just located in the near vicinity.

Vagator is the Party Hub

Another reason, why you can enjoy your Goa vacation by staying at White Flower Cottages resort is the presence of different famous nightclubs in Goa. You must have heard from your friends that if you enjoy the never-ending parties in Goa, you must visit Vagator.

So what can be more exciting to stay near these clubs? Yes staying at this resort will make it easy for you to enjoy these late-night parties that continue till morning. Enjoying such parties will burst out all your stress. So aren’t you excited to dance till the morning? Heyyy!!! Come & discover a new party animal here.

Captivating Theme

If you are an individual who is visiting Goa for witnessing its natural beauty and want to stay in a calm place. On this aspect also, White Flower Cottages gets full marks as this whole resort is based on a very relaxing & captivating theme.

The whole resort is covered with the beauty of rare species of white flowers that relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your inner soul. With the beauty of white flowers, you can enjoy your holidays more in a unique manner.

Offers World-Class Amenities

If you give preference to the amenities while selecting your place of stay, White Flower Cottages will never disappoint you. This resort near Vagator Beach, Goa offers the best amenities to its guests. All types of rooms offered by them are equipped with modern class facilities.

There is also a sparkling pool at this resort where you can relax after an exhausting day. The white interior of the pool that is at par with the theme of the resort gives you a proper place for forgetting all your worries about life. This swimming pool can be directly accessed from all the rooms.

The in-built cafe and bar in White Flower Cottages serve their guests round the clock and add some more stars to your Goa vacations.

At last, we can say that, if you want to feel the real essence of Goa, you should plan your stay at this resort in North Goa. We ensure you that by staying at this place, you will be creating lifetime unforgettable memories that you can cherish forever. So, what’s waiting for? Pack your bags and enjoy some of the great moments with your loved ones at this property.

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