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Where to stay in North Goa: A Complete Guide

Goa is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in India. The icing on the cake is its pleasant weather, vibrant nightlife, cheap liquor, mouthwatering seafood and adventurous water sports. If you have already visited this city, you shouldn’t be doubting why this place is the most famous tourist destination among Indian tourists.

If you are planning to visit Goa anytime soon, finding a place to stay in North Goa could be a bit difficult task. You must be getting confused due to plenty of staying options available in Goa, however, finding the best place to stay can be as complex a task as finding a needle in a haystack.

Goa is majorly divided into 2 parts that are North Goa and South Goa. If you are a party animal and want to visit the best beaches in Goa, we would recommend you to stay at North Goa as it is more happening as compared to its counterpart.

Are you looking for a place to stay in North Goa? We are here to recommend the best resort in North Goa i.e. White Flower Cottages.

This resort is unique in itself due to several reasons. If you are visiting Goa, there cannot be a perfect place to choose for your stay in North Goa other than this famous resort. This resort is an ideal place to stay for families, groups of friends and newly married couples who are visiting this beautiful state for their honeymoon.

So let us discuss some of the alluring things at White Flower Cottages that would offer you a comfortable stay and add some more stars to your Goa vacations.

Exceptional and Unique Theme

Have you ever felt the beauty of the white flowers? They soothe you and renew your thoughts, right? Given this, it makes obvious that the White Flower Cottages resort would inspire you with the beauty of white flowers.

The entire architecture of The White Flower Cottages is based on a rare species of white flowers. Visitors are drawn to this resort by its distinctive motif because they anticipate finding a calm and relaxing atmosphere there.

Don’t you like to relax and have a good time at a resort with such a creative concept that you can forget about all your problems? White is a peaceful colour, and this resort promotes relaxation by emphasising the white flower theme.

Located Near Vagator Beach

Due to its prime position, this resort is regarded as one of the greatest places to stay in Goa. Due to its location in one of Goa’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, every traveller desires to stay at this resort. This location is appealing since Vagator & Anjuna Beach’s vibrant nightlife is close by.

Wouldn’t you wish to spend some time in Goa with your family in a hotel that offers so many exciting things to do nearby? Beaches along the Arabian Sea and lush green hills surround the area where the White Flower Cottages are situated.

You can rejuvenate yourself by taking advantage of the chances to partake in adventurous activities in this place. All these aspects make this place the best resort to stay near Vagator Beach.

Offers Best Amenities

The interior design of all the resort’s rooms is excellent. Three main room categories are typically available at White Flower Cottages: suite rooms, pool rooms, and garden rooms.

All of the rooms offer high-speed Wi-Fi and intercom services to make sure that every visitor has a comfortable stay. It is a perfect place to stay for middle-class families as they may be able to pay for this reasonably priced lodging.

All of the rooms have easy access to the magnificent outdoor pool, which matches the theme with beautiful white decor.

The White Flower Cottages could be regarded as the best resort in North Goa because of its prime location, first-rate amenities, and the services it provides. Families and couples looking to spend time together should book a stay at this resort.

We ensure you that staying at this resort would help you in enjoying your trip more as your body as well as a soul will get enough opportunity to relax in the peaceful environment.

Kindly contact us for further information: +91 9359983588



Explore the White Flower Cottage Resort in Vagator, Goa and make your holiday special & memorable with us. Choose the Perfect Destination to stay with families and couples for enjoying their special time.

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