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White Flowers’ Prive – Resort in North Goa with Private Pool in Room

The smallest state of India has major attractions for everyone. There are many things that people living in other states can’t experience. From lots of adventurous activities to exotic culture, you can’t experience it in your daily life.

One trip to North Goa can take away all your stress and troubles. People plan vacations in this beautiful place for the reason of enjoyment. You should go for the luxury escapes of Goa to remove all the obstacles in your mind.

Talking about luxuries, there are many things which you surely haven’t experienced yet. Like a Resort with a private pool in a room, it’s a new way to exposure to luxury. There are many things about this luxurious room that you don’t know.

Here’s why we are presenting this blog about a Resort in North Goa with a Private Pool in the Room.

Detailed Features Of Private Pool Villa

Prive is presented by White Flower Cottages, a luxurious experience near Vagator Beach. Also, the location of this beautiful villa is North Goa, where most of the people come up for enjoyment.



In this private pool resort in North Goa, you can be yourself away from prying eyes. For the period of your visit, the entire villa is yours. Wear anything you want, sing at the top of your lungs, and no one will notice.

The staff of Prive is unobtrusive, but if you prefer that they only appear during dinner service, the manager may arrange for that as well. It’s no surprise that celebrities prefer these luxurious villa trips above all others.

Exclusive Facilities

Feeling uneasy about using a public pool with a slew of strangers? That’s why Prive always outperforms resorts and hotels. All villa amenities, such as a private swimming pool, free private parking, a garden, and a shared lounge are reserved exclusively for you.

There’s no need to queue outside a restaurant for a meal or a pool shack for a towel. What about sun loungers? There are always plenty of them to go around. Till now, you were waiting for things to get done, but now is the time when those things will wait for your time.

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Personal Service

Depending on the destination, each luxury refuge is often staffed with a manager, butlers, housekeepers, gardeners, and security people. They collaborate as one to create an extraordinary deluxe Prive holiday – particularly for you.

Our staff members are kind yet professional, and they are taught to be discreet and efficient. Always ready to serve with a grin, you’ll wind up befriending everyone and leaving will feel like leaving family behind.

Luxury & Home Combined, Except The Housework

There is a lot of work to be done in all of our houses while we stay at home in our comfort zone. However, when on vacation in North Goa, you should stay in a luxurious setting that seems like home.

You may leave your book by the pool for later, and the towel you left on the lounger will be quickly rinsed away by the staff. Dishes magically vanish after supper, and if you’re there for a longer period, the washing machine comes in handy.

Babysitters can be booked to keep an eye on the kiddies, but our staff members will gladly keep them entertained while you relax in the poolside gazebo or catch up on emails in the study.

Final Words

Are you loving the luxury already? Planning a North Goa trip and this resort with a private pool in a room can add up stars to your beautiful journey. Prive Vagator is a concept by White Flower Cottages, does has everything from residential comfort to luxurious amenities.

Prive has many features to make you feel delighted. You enjoy your trip to North Goa as many attractions, from beaches to its nightlife. If you’re planning a vacation, you can also experience luxury along with it.

You can have a look for a personalized stay for your trip. Prive By White Flower is the best choice for that. You can enjoy a luxurious evening and lively parties till dawn with the essence of North Goa.

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