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Top 5 Beach Resorts near Vagator Beach North Goa

A good resort is known for its location. People come to Goa for its beaches, which makes beach resorts more important for tourists.

A beach resort is usually located on a private beach. This implies that only those staying at the resort have entry to the beach. The good news for families is that you don’t have to worry about the children. You will find childcare services at these resorts.

North Goa is well-known for its beaches, vibrant nightlife, and never-ending parties. Now, Beach Resorts near Vagator Beach North Goa makes people stay closer to these things. So let’s have a look at the top 5 Beach Resorts near Vagator Beach.

White Flower Cottages

People always choose easily accessible and prime locations to stay in Goa. My suggestion is that you should live where all the facilities will be easily accessible. From parties to food and shopping, North Goa has more of everything than South Goa, so you should stay close by.

White Flower Cottages is located in Vagator, the heart of Goa. All the famous nightclubs are nearby. This beach resort in Vagator covers the beauty of rare species of white flowers that relax your mind and burst out all of your stress.

This Resort near Vagator beach offers a sparkling pool, a white flower theme, a wide range of accommodations, an in-built cafe, a bar and high-class amenities. The theme-based beach resort makes this place peaceful.

White Flower Cottage is the best resort for families as well as the best place to stay for couples in Goa. Staying at this lovely resort allows you to make the most of your holiday. Its café is open 24 hours a day and provides multi-cuisine dishes at extremely low prices, so you can fulfil your midnight hunger cravings here.

This resort’s in-house bar offers a large selection of local and foreign alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to make your holiday with alcohol more memorable.

Alcove Beach Resort

Alcove beach resort is in Vagator and offers a spectacular view, swaying palm trees, and a fishing village. This lavish beach resort does have comfortable rooms, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a swimming pool, a rooftop bar, and some indoor games. This beach resort has a beautiful sea view facing a romantic atmosphere.

Le Pearl Resort Goa

Look no further than Le Pearl Beach Resort for a family-friendly small hotel in Vagator. This beach resort is near the city centre, so you can easily enjoy all of the town’s activities and attractions. It features a massage parlour, a spa, and a children’s pool.

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Aria Beach Resort Goa

This boutique Beach Resort near Vagator beach (Ozran) is the finest kind. Perched precariously on a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea, Aria is one of the best seaside eateries. It offers delightful displays of Italian cuisine and finger-licking seafood dishes.

The Aria has wooden chalets, and you wake up to beautiful panoramic sea views. Each cottage also has a small private garden space.

Antares Beach Resort

Antares is known for its Australian-themed restaurant, 13 luxury cottages, beach clubs, Australian brand fashion outlet, and much more. Their meal is simple: fresh ingredients, unusual flavours, and classic cooking techniques with a flavour boost from the charcoal grill.

Final Words

North Goa is well-known for its fun, parties, dancing, music, enjoyment, and relief from daily stress. All the best beach resorts in North Goa where you can have the most fun are in the Vagator region of Goa.

If you are confused about which beach resort to choose among the above-given options, I would recommend that you choose the best one. You should plan your stay at White Flower Cottage, as it is a theme-based beach resort that will provide you with a peaceful stay at very affordable rates. This beach resort is also the best family beach resort near Vagator Beach where you can plan your vacation.

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